Yesterday was an enjoyable day. Last night we had our first corn on the cob (from my brother’s garden for mine is not ready) and our first green beans I’d picked from my garden. Only a gardener knows how something like this pleases one’s heart!

The best part of yesterday however, wasn’t the supper, it was the company we had. Friends we hadn’t seen for many years came for lunch and the afternoon. There is a story behind the years of absence but that is not my story to tell. This friend has a past quite different from my own, but nonetheless, a story of childhood abuse which is getting the Godly help needed today. Much of the afternoon was spent with our sharing the work of God in our lives. This friend’s help is recent enough that yesterday was the first of sharing it outside of the professional help. It seemed good for us to be the safe place for this first sharing. Surely, I understood what she was sharing. The pathway to finding God’s freedom from the bondage of abuse is strengthened when we find a safe place to share.

This morning I’m meeting with one of our new pastors who is heading our life groups at church. There is a big meeting set for the first of August where all the life group leaders will meet with him. I haven’t taken part in life groups since Kathy and I started with Celebrate Recovery 11 years ago. It has been our life group. Some of our present life groups provide meals for us which has been a huge support. Now, however, with the coming of Christopher Yuan in September, I am hoping our life groups will be motivated to read his book on Holy Sexuality and the Gospel. This book enlightens the readers to so much truth from God’s Word. It also calms much troubled water regarding the present situation of the LBGTQ community and the church. I find most people understand the sin of homosexuality when acted upon, but they don’t know how to accept or associate with someone who may battle this. Christopher adds tremendous insights. So my hope is that our life groups will take his 8-week study guide in the back of the book and walk through it as our Restoration Ministry is gearing up to reach out to our own community. I’d love for this community to find our church to be a safe place if they are looking for christian fellowship and/or forgiveness from a life of this sin.

As I journaled this morning I was struggling with knowing how much of this is of my own selfishness and how much is actually God’s leading? He assured me that I will know the difference as I take each step I’m to take. Doors are open when He is leading. My faith is not to be built upon what my mind can grasp. God told me this morning that Faith is when I will step into what my mind can’t grasp but yet I am led to take the step regardless. Today seems to be one of them and I look forward to seeing what the outcome is.

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