the journey continues: july 25, 2019

Yesterday I wrote in part about the family of Harold and Opal. These are the kids, grandkids and great and great grandkids who will be gathering starting tomorrow night. What I didn’t write is that the generation before mom and dad was Grandma and Grandpa Wretling (mom’s parents). Because I’m reading I Chronicles presently I read about the lineage of the Jewish nation starting back with Abraham and Sarah. God made promises to them which we can see the results of as we read the scriptures.

I write this because my lineage and that of all my relatives tie back to the grandparents we have. It was Grandma Wretling who had the sign on her nursing home door which read: Prayer Warrior. I asked grandma on one visit who she prayed for? She told me she prayed for everyone of her grandchildren through all the generations. I knew there were close to a hundred by that time so I asked how she remembered all of their names? She told me, “I don’t remember all of their names but Jesus does and I’m holding Him accountable for each of their salvation!”

Yesterday I was talking with one of my brothers and sis in law about who is coming. I was amazed at the measures some are taking to be here. Yet, I also heard some roadblocks for others. Some of these roadblocks are simply man and his human pride. This morning I tapped into God’s Army (see I Chronicles 12:22) for these issues. There is a wonderful opportunity for Grandma’s prayers to be glorified this weekend. Satan wouldn’t want issues to be addressed lovingly. He wants them to be the roadblocks. Well, God’s Army is going to be tackling these so Satan will have to flee! To God be all Glory for great things He hath done!

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