I didn’t get yesterday’s post written. I had to be at the airport to pick up my daughter and granddaughter @ 12:45 am the night before and so I didn’t get back home and in bed until 2:00 am. Yesterday morning I was meeting with a superintendent candidate for a district close by. This person is one I’ve worked closely with for several years and she’s in the top 3 for the position. The decision will be made next Tuesday. Thus, by the time I’d finished my devotions I needed to head to our meeting place.

Last night we had a great time with the family present for our dinner and the start of the reunion weekend. Lots of laughter, conversation and teasing. There is something in the Lewis’ blood that keeps this alive. People who are married into the family say they know when they are accepted because the teasing includes them. I’m not sure that is a complimentary trait of our genes. Today will be the big day. There are over 100 who have indicated they are coming to this. I’ve prayed over this event several times now. I pray God will not only be present, but glorified in this day.

I found myself worrying as I awoke several times during the night. The details of the weekend and the coming week are very present in my mind. As I was journaling this morning and asking God what He wanted me to know and believe He reminded me I can choose to worry or I can choose to trust and obey. These details will transpire whether I worry about them or not. If I choose to trust rather than worry I can better see Him at work in the details. I’m going to trust today as we come together. God is God and I simply want to thank Him that I get to be one of His kids along with all the other of the Lewis’ clan which will gather.

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