Yesterday was a tremendous day. Not only did the event go on with great success, I learned so much about our family I hadn’t known up until this time. I’m so glad this weekend took place!

Yesterday morning the quartet I sing in was to sing for a funeral of a man who had been a wonderful mentor to some of our Celebrate Recovery young men. Two of those young men gave tribute to him during the service. Ahead of the service our senior pastor talked to me briefly about doing a radio interview with Christopher Yuan as we approach his coming mid-September. I love the idea and pray this can materialize. It would assist the advertisement of the weekend tremendously. I love how God works! In my finite mind I envision the things happening which I know about and plan. However, when I take a step away and see what God is planning and that I don’t need to be in charge, I can see a much greater vision of work being done. It is an amazing process learning to let God lead and to know I just need to do my part. I know I’m not done with this big lesson, but I do love seeing how God works and patiently teaches what obedience of Him is all about.

Today we meet one last time as a family unit for a breakfast and send off for all those who came in from afar for this event. It has been a blessing much better and bigger than any of us ever dreamed. God is so GOOD!

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