This journey of life each one of us lives is a wonderful gift God has given us. I am awakened to so much truth this weekend. I’ve lived so long under the lies of my past abuse. I thought I’d need to earn any credibility with our family. I didn’t want to be a Lewis from my dad’s side of the family. I wanted to be a Wretling from my mom’s side. At least the Wretling’s didn’t show any evidence of abuse and their history showed being kind and good to people. However, I am a Lewis by name and an example of God putting the genes of the two families together to create who I am. God did this on purpose just as He did all of the family members. I found myself rejoicing throughout the weekend to be who I am. It is an amazing thing to finally feel like a genuine, new creation in Christ–not ashamed any longer for being the person I am. Instead, I get to be on assignment to complete God’s purposes for giving me life. I don’t have to prove myself worthy–God gave me worthiness through His creation of me. There is no haughtiness in this as dad would have said, there is simply a passion to be one of God’s kids on assignment for Him doing what He motivates and leads me to do.

I will always look back on this weekend as one to give thanks to God for bringing all of us kids together. To God be all Glory!

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