I wrote yesterday about meeting with a gentleman who had contacted me. Yes, we had met and once I realized when, I could recall much more about him. We spent 2.5 hrs together where he opened up greatly regarding his past and present struggles. He is a “believer” who struggles to believe. Boy, do I know that particular struggle. It was one of the first times of late I’ve been able to talk to someone about what believing we are as a new creation is like for me. I could also tell him there is tremendous hope for his own belief to be restored/healed.

In Celebrate Recovery we focus intentionally on hurts, hang-ups and habits. However, we stay too focused on habits for they are far more obvious and tangible. When it comes to hurts, we get lost in the emotional chaos within ourselves and with the belief system we’ve lost from the hurts of past and sometimes present. Satan does have a hay day with all of this and we are helpless to address it on our own. In fact, Satan does his best to keep us believing we can’t talk about this if we are men. This is the story of the gentleman yesterday. I invited him to come to our next set of classes starting next month which addresses abuse of our past and present–Mending the Soul. He is going to strongly consider it he said.

In the night last night as well as this morning when I arose, I’ve battled my own fears for tomorrow for some of those I love. I know I am to praise God for these struggles for it is when He can shed Light into the darkness. I brought this to Jesus this morning and He did such a good job helping me give it to Him and then to trust His Holy Spirit to strengthen those I love as well as me in believing all of this. I feel much like a child learning how to trust mom and dad about something for which I fear but they say they are right there for me. I’ve wondered sometimes if the absence of this help from my folks is the reason for my present struggle with believing? No matter, God today is wanting me to know for certain He, His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit are Trustworthy and I can Believe with certainty They are with me and with those I love always. God is growing the belief of a new creation in me. I end today’s entry–BELIEVING!

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