Today’s journey started by going back to yesterday’s. In reality I almost always do this because it is my time to reflect. Before I begin my journaling I read what I had written the day before. Jesus had given me insight into “believing” which I didn’t do so well putting into action during the day yesterday. Today I asked the question about living out “belief” instead of falling into fretting, worrying? I was amazed at the message I got in return.

I was told that fretting, worrying, stepping into a temptation are all forms of what we do in our flesh. The Holy Spirit, I was told, lives in our spirit. If we want to access the Power of The Holy Spirit we need to take a “spiritual step” which is to take a step of faith. If I surrender to worry I stay in the flesh and it becomes sin. If, however, I step into surrendering the temptation of worry, I step into trusting. When we do this we take a step into believing. This is where The Holy Spirit can now do His Work. If we cave into temptation by worrying, fretting, using an escape like porn, eating when we shouldn’t, and more, we stay in the flesh. This is exactly where Satan wants us for he is the one in control at this point. I’m sure I’ve known all of this before now. However, when Christ was speaking to me as I journaled, all of a sudden this message took on new meaning. I can do this. The new creation God has made us to be through Christ Jesus can do this! I can step into believing by acting on the nudge I get from The Holy Spirit at the right time. It is putting my trust at the moment in “the nudge” and acting on it. This is believing, this is trusting and having faith.

Today I’m spending a good deal of it with someone I love. It is also someone I fight the temptation to worry about. Christ is telling me to take the spiritual step today and believe that The Holy Spirit Who lives in me will be in charge if I keep my mind on Him. He will nudge and guide if I believe and follow His nudge.

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