As only God would ordain, yesterday was a wonderful day. It wasn’t like I’d expected it to be, but then it flowed as though it were perfectly orchestrated. I think it was too–perfectly orchestrated. The talks I thought I’d be having didn’t occur. However, by the early evening hours, the relational, affectionate person was reoccurring that I was spending the day with. I knew then what God had wanted done with the day was exactly what we were doing. If God wants me to have the talks I had thought, His Holy Spirit will nudge them at the right time and place. For yesterday, it was a day to be together and reestablish a loving connection.

As I was having my devotions this morning and reflecting on yesterday, I asked again what Jesus wanted me to know and believe for today? I was informed that growing in the spiritual world where The Holy Spirit resides is quiet until we step into it in Faith–Believing. He said He was taught this while He was here on earth. He believed His Father and The Holy Spirit’s nudges to Him. I can learn this too, even as an older man. I truly believe God is doing this each and every day. The other thing Jesus spoke to me about was that The Holy Spirit obeys only God the Father. When we turn to God and ask what is in His Plan, then The Holy Spirit will work and nudge us to complete it. The Holy Spirit is not under our control. He responds to us when we are responding to God’s Will. This is a big lesson for me. I can often think my ways are already following God’s ways. However, when The Holy Spirit is silent I can know to question my motives.

God is so good and patient leading us into His Spiritual World of living. I want to be a good and faithful servant of Him and not of my own self.

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