Yesterday and today, there are so many things I could write about which state just how much I can see the handiwork of God presently. Yesterday’s sermon by our senior pastor was all about God’s disciplining his children so we would learn to listen and obey Him for completing His purposes and ways. In the sermon we were reminded not to fear our enemy, knowing when we are in God’s plan, our enemy is blocked by God’s Light and Might.

Today as I was journaling and addressing what God has in store for today building up to our weekend with Christopher Yuan, I was reminded by Jesus of His Work in me. Before I entered into the ministry of Celebrate Recovery I would hear Jesus knocking on the door of my life and I would let Him in. In so doing I would tell Him all the things I wanted Him to do, with the top of the list being to remove the darkness (stain) of the sins done to me and the sins I had committed. In do this removal of sin (sexual abuse, thoughts of gay sex, porn, identity and more), bury them so no one would ever have to know they existed so I could then be free! Little did I know I was being disciplined to finally become willing to let my story not be obliterated from memory, but to be told for the sake of others’ healing. I have learned to not fear this, but to thank God for the chance to tell. The freedom I was after would not have been freedom at all. It would only have been another prison with secrets all the same.

God is preparing us for a Mighty Work of His Love and Grace. I want to be a servant ready to do His bidding. I look forward to taking part as He would orchestrate and being willing to let all my expectations being His expectations only. How I love knowing He is my Father!

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