Today begins 22 days of specific professional development for the school district I’m working with. It is quite costly and in someways, a big risk. The grant which places me with them pays for this commitment. The days are spread out over the school year but these next 4 days lay the ground work for all the staff. I’ve worked with this professional development group in times past with my own school/district. I was asking Jesus this morning how I am to know He is behind all of this work? I sure don’t want to be leading this team down a hole which leads to no where. As I journaled the question I was reminded of all the details over the past several months which have nicely fit together making all of these days of training come together. He reminded me also that only in my head do I sometimes think the secular work I do does not include His Spiritual leadership. How I love this God we serve!

Also, yesterday I met with our church leader who is putting the details of our weekend conference together for the kickoff of our Restoration Ministry. These details are also coming together with much amazement. I get lost sometimes wondering if my emotional energy is simply my emotions getting confused with God’s spiritual insights/leading. Once again I have to go back to what my mom told me so many years ago. If God is in it, the leading He provides will only strengthen. Our emotions will die away quickly but God’s leading never dies when He is in it. I’m hanging tightly onto this as this year begins for the secular work I do as well as with the ministry work. To God be all Glory!

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