Yesterday was a powerful day in many realms. The training which began for the school district was powerful and so insightful. The person delivering the work was excellent. She had the teachers continuously practicing instructional techniques which they will use as their instruction begins next week with their classroom kids. I was taking all of this in thinking how much fun it would be to have my own classroom of 46 years ago teaching them in ways I only know to do now. I’m so glad to see how God is completing what He was orchestrating through last year’s guidance.

Last night a friend came for dinner and primarily to discuss a project she wants to pursue. She is a bulldozer in nature and often turns people off by the power she uses to get done what she wants. She had asked for my assistance with the project and I’d agreed to offer what I could. I love what she’d like to do and can instantly see its benefit for our community. What was unexpected for me was how the conversation turned from the project to her personal story. She would insert pieces of abuse from childhood into the night. She knew I had a story but hadn’t heard it. I told her much about how God has given me freedom I’d never known before and how He’d orchestrated so many things for me allowing this healing to come. All of a sudden we were talking about her taking part in the classes to start this fall. If this were to happen a good many things would need to adjust for her. I don’t know how this will come together but I do know the God we serve is the Master of details. This morning I simply gave it all to Him. How I love this God we serve, His Son Jesus and The Spirit within.

I was ending my devotions today thanking Jesus for taking time to meet with me each morning. Instantly I felt Him saying that eternity has no time and His being Omnipresent made Him always with me. He said I was the one taking time. I wanted to bless Him and He turned it into one for me. What a God we serve!

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