Sleep comes easy when one’s mind is at rest. However, when it isn’t, sleep is fitful and rest does not come. That was me during last night. I had gone to bed early due to today’s early start. However, there are things needing attention and we are in a dilemma as to what that attention should be. The steps being taken are only steps being taken if they are not ones taken where Jesus’ Light is shining. My faith/trust wasn’t strong last night. Today I give this to Jesus once again trusting that the steps we are taking will lead to Him and His Ways. I wish I could give the specifics in this but I know I should not.

I was driving to the district yesterday morning wishing there were a way to tie the training of the first day to the belief system of each teacher. So many elementary teachers see math as a threat and only teach it because they have to. Their belief influences their students’ belief even when they try to hide their own insecurities. Well, the elementary principal started the morning with this very conversation. I wanted to jump up and hug him! By the end of yesterday all of the teachers in attendance were hugging the presenter for helping them so much. It was such a great scene to experience. Today and tomorrow will be working with secondary teachers. I have the same trust that God’s Leadership will fill the gaps He intended when this help was arranged so many months ago.

To God be all the Glory for great things He Does!

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