The day ended yesterday with man’s messages not being easy to hear. The things I started yesterday’s blog about were not being addressed by man with responses easy for me. I found myself wanting to “sit on the info” because it would be hard to follow up now that I needed to. This morning I found myself journaling to Jesus about this. His response to me was eye-opening. He seemed to ask me if I were now going to be a “snag in His Work” by not communicating my part? The key word in the scripture Acts 16:31 which says: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved–you and your household”, is BELIEVE. My action now is to believe. Am I to obey only what I like or am I to obey? Well, I will choose to obey. Jesus confirmed that I am to leave for Him what is His to do. He wants me to do my part so His part is not delayed by me.

One of the biggest lessons in Celebrate Recovery is coming up next week. The lesson is entitled “YES”. It is actually the last lesson of the series. My part (our part) in working with God is to learn to respond to Christ’s leading in our lives with a YES. Believing Jesus is always in control is what my part is to look like. I don’t see what Jesus sees. If I let only what I see rule my actions I will then be disobedient. I’ve lived long enough doing this. Today I want to follow through only doing what Christ has asked me to do.

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