Today Jesus is on the throne of my life. I must confess I didn’t wake up with Him there. The anxiety of expectation for the coming weekend is gripping me. When I was telling Jesus about it this morning I was telling Him how I know there are hundreds of people caught in the grip of “secrets” needing to be dealt with right in our own church, let alone in our community. This forthcoming weekend is a perfect place and time for them to step out of their darkness to see the Light of Hope. My mind has so many thoughts about this person needing to do this and that person needing to do that and I then can get all of my part done! Writing this out helps me see the futility of me and my thinking.

I asked Jesus what He wanted me to do for Him in all of this? He kindly nudged me to first, surrender my anxiety to Him and let Him replace it with confidence that He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it. There is an old hymn, “I Surrender All”. This morning I needed to do just that–surrender all–so I did. So now, for this moment in time, Jesus is knowingly on the throne of my life and I am conscious of my role of being His servant.

I asked the question of Jesus about my being a new creation and does a new creation have these moments? Once again He reminded me that I am still in the flesh. What a new creation knows to do is surrender it so the anxiety doesn’t control his behaviors. This will be my big assignment!

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