Today the journey continues. I feel as though the weekend has shown me in several different ways how man sets his expectations to complete God’s Kingdom Work when the expectations have little if any influence from God. It is man wanting to “do this for God”. In reality, man’s ego feels good doing these things and God is still waiting for man to see Him and to Hear Him.

I have been caught in some of this having my expectations for our upcoming weekend. I know beyond a shadow of doubt the weekend has been orchestrated by God’s Hand. What is being done here ahead of time is where I get lost in the “Earnie actions” thinking they are God-given. These I must surrender for I am not the “voice of God”. I am a servant of God He wants completing what His Voice has directed me to do. He will lead other leaders to act on His Voice to them. I can trust Him in this.

I am continuously amazed at God’s Leadership. So much of what man calls leadership is out of line when we truly commit to leading God’s Way. Things like steadfastness, determination, committed are all characteristics of good leaders. The missing element is the surrendering of self to God’s Voice within so we complete these characteristics for God and not for “me”. How quickly I can surrender to “self-center” and not realize it until afterwards.

As I was reminded yesterday, a new creation is still made of flesh. So these temptations will be ever before me. I deeply want to see them as flesh and surrender them quickly so I don’t lose sight of my One True God.

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