My post-it note on top of my devotional material worked. I journaled first. It was a rather amazing difference I found. When I started to read my devotional and then my Bible following the journaling, I found my focus very different. The devotional message and the Bible reading addressed specifics that the journaling organized in my mind. I have always thought my devotional reading and Bible reading would give my mind and emotions a focus away from angst. This morning I found the journaling organizing the angst and defined details causing it. The devotional message as well as the Bible reading gave insights in addressing the details. Wow, this one shift is remarkable!

Today Kathy and I are going to Kathy’s home place, Wallowa, OR. We are going with my two brothers and their spouses who live close by. We are staying until Sunday. We have rented a home at the lake which will nicely accommodate 6 of us. It ought to be a good get away and my brothers have not been there since Kathy and I married almost 37 years ago. I always think ahead when I’m traveling how I’ll work out things like my early morning devotional time. It usually isn’t a problem because most people don’t get up as early as me. However, both my brothers are very early risers too so I’ll just take this a day at a time and see how it works out for the next three days. I also don’t know if we’ll have reception at the lake so I may not be posting if that’s the case. Just a heads up!

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