I said yesterday I liked this journaling when I first got up. Well, that was true for yesterday. Today, as I started, I found myself writing all of these troubling items on my mind. I asked Jesus if He minded me complaining so much? What I’m finding from this idea of journaling at the start of the day is what my day would be like if I weren’t taking the time to seek God in it. Boy, would I be in trouble. I see that unknowns make me anxious. The next three days have many unknowns in them. The work I’m doing with the districts/schools is shifting and in so doing, I don’t know how I’ll fit. I just know I’m to be there. Being present without assignments leaves me feeling incompetent. However, now that I am journaling this and writing it here I can see that God is simply wanting me to not let my emotions drive my day. I can recognize them for what they are and then go into the day He has prepared for me knowing He is all powerful. Where He has asked me to go is where He wants to use me.

I use to stuff all of this anxiety during my devotional times instead of recognizing them. Yes, I would admit them at times but in so doing, I’d still not release them very well. God is wanting me to release them to Him fully and knowingly go into the day with the confidence that it is His Power, His Spirit that will help me do whatever part He wants done for the time present. The Proverbs I’m reading right now address this well. God really is amazing–Isn’t He!

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