Today I step into an unknown. I wrote about this yesterday. The unknown of yesterday I needed to step into was nicely addressed and defined. Today, however, I’m finding myself needing to step into an unknown where the unknown is bigger. I’ll need to step into it and then simply do whatever seems best. It will be up to me to determine the actions I take. As I write this I hear this voice in my head reminding me that my job is to step into the unknown. There is no unknown to Jesus. He wants me to be obedient and to trust Him to guide me rather than trust my own judgment. I’m needing this reminder. Jesus is so good at being present in the midst of unknowns. My flesh keeps me on the edge of worry when Jesus says to Trust at these times.

As I was journaling earlier this morning I wrote out what I’m anxious about for today. My flesh is screaming at me. I don’t want to go into this district and make a mess where a mess is already present. Once again, Jesus is asking that I simply go and be present. He will be the One who will give insight as to steps to be taken while I’m there today. Jesus is asking for me to Trust. I am seeing first hand that Trust is not something I can say I will do and it will easily take place for the day. I need to keep reminding my flesh that Jesus is the One I trust, not my fleshly fears.

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