Why do I worry or fret? The situation of yesterday went remarkably well. In fact, I was able to complete more worthwhile work than in almost any day I’ve gone to this school. I’m praying for the details I cannot disclose, but I know God is working to make all things good. He is our Amazing God!

I wrote about journaling ahead of scripture/devotional reading a few days ago. I continue to do this and the outcome of it is very enlightening. I love reading my devotional and Bible with a purpose in mind that is both meaningful and freeing. It seems each day when I journal I can see clearly what I’m needing to either address in the day or let go of because it is not mine to address. As I read the Bible and the devotional I am able to glean insight for the day. In so doing I can let it go or glean knowledge for addressing it. In yesterday’s case with my worry about the school’s state and what my presence would mean, I was able to let it go trusting God’s insights would be known as I arrived. While I was driving to the district I had a couple thoughts enter my mind which I knew were from God. I acted on them as I arrived and the day was great.

I do appreciate so much building a closer walk/relationship with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. My devotional today said that as our faith grows so does the Power of The Holy Spirit within us. This is the same Power which raised Jesus from the grave conquering the grip of sin and opening the way for each of us to come before God ourselves. It is here for us as we act on the faith which is growing within.

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