So much is being awakened inside of me. As we had our class last night, it seemed that the lesson I am doing for the second time now is registering throughout my being. It is no longer something for me to know, it is all about what God created in me originally. Last night’s lesson focused on what abuse does to the original design God had for man. Not only does abuse destroy the original creation of God, it distorts in the mind of the ones abused regarding their picture of God. The devastation of sin leaves man with a better picture of Satan than it does of God.

As I was working through the lesson with the others in the class I heard so much about how this message was starting to make good sense. I loved watching how minds were beginning to open up to who God really is to us. Seeing the characteristics of God through the life of Jesus is what I’ve begun to realize. Jesus never judged or condemned those hurting. He touched with healing, gave hope, gave Light and He gave encouragement where only despair had been known. This hasn’t changed. This picture of Jesus is also the original picture God wanted His creation to have of Him. I see this so much more clearly now. I see how my own flesh gets in the way and why I must daily surrender it (my selfish desires) so God’s purposes for the day are done His Way and not mine.

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