I wish I could be very specific right now and write down the exact pieces of today which are being addressed. For whatever reason, three of the areas where I serve have major things happening today–decisions to be addressed. There are a number of things which have brought each of these areas to the point of today. None of them are similar to one another except that none will go well if we don’t keep God’s Light in front and take only steps where He Leads.

As I have been journaling this morning and writing out all I needed Jesus to do. He so nicely pointed out the one thing I need to do–Let Him tell me what to do reversing my actions of telling Him.

In my devotional reading the authors have written that the Joy of the Lord is found only when we are in His Presence. The situations of today do not presently have joy present. However, now that I have been redirected by Christ to let Him take the Lead I know this Joy. My mind and spirit are at peace and I will step into each of today’s tasks with Jesus taking the Lead and with Joy in my heart.

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