It seemed today that I had little to bring to Jesus as I started my journaling. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be present with Him, I just didn’t have any screaming issues I needed to hear from Him about. It sort of felt uncomfortable telling Him I didn’t have any big issues for Him for today. It was then I felt Him telling me it was OK to “supp with Him”. The idea of being in Christ’s presence without a problem to bring to Him was a new phenomenon. This got emphasized even more when I began to read my devotion for today. It’s focus was building a strong relationship with God/Christ. In it we learn to enjoy listening to Christ’s message/s to us. To look for His miracles in the day to day activities. Simply enjoy His presence.

I realize this morning how much I’ve relied on crisis to have a relationship with Jesus. He doesn’t depend on me bringing Him a crisis in order to desire being present with me. The simple fact that He enjoys my presence is such a touching/intimate thought. Yes, I desperately need Christ in all the crisis of life, but I also desperately want to know Christ in all aspects of living. Learning to know that Christ enjoys me is so humbling and thoughtful. Our class last night focused on separating what I’d learned from childhood about relationships to see the truth of what God wanted me to know about His original design for them. It is AMAZING–this God of ours!

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