Yesterday was such a day! It started with simply spending time with Jesus in my devotions not having big issues to bring to Him–simply being with Him and His Word. Well, as the day went on I was prompted to contact one of my grandsons who is in high school about my taking him to his conferences. I went to their home after my training in Boise had ended. I arrived just as he was walking to his home from the bus. He was reticent to go and I offered my prayer to Jesus to be in charge of this. We ended by agreeing to go and talk with his counselor rather than each of his teachers. This proved to be God’s design. They are meeting this morning to put a long-term plan in place.

Our evening continued with shopping for his basketball shoes and having dinner. During this time we talked deeply about his desires in life and he had surprising interests. As we talked I also brought into the picture his commitment a few years back to walk with God. He said he still wanted to do this and so we talked more about how this happens–what it is like to rely on God’s power by surrendering what we can’t and shouldn’t do to God, and doing the part we are to do.

The day started with my telling Jesus I didn’t have a crisis to bring to Him and He told me to supp with Him. The day ended with us delving into what had been a crisis in my mind for nearly a year now and it was all orchestrated by Him. My grandson even said to me he was surprised by all that had taken place last night but was very appreciative of it. I told him I was equally surprised for I hadn’t any plan at the start of the day to do this. God is so AMAZING!

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