I will never cease to be amazed by the workings of God. I have known for months now that God is wanting me to better understand His Fullness. The fact that He is Three in One I do comprehend, but He has been pursuing me so I comprehend this truth personally.

This morning in my devotional time I journaled about how much I loved the time with two of my grandsons yesterday and the time with friends during the evening. Before all of this at church, our pastor had given his message on “Blessings”-the theme for November. The message centered around Jabez’s request found in I Chronicles 4:9-10. It’s a request made in which God tenderly answered it knowing it was from the heart of man rather than from the selfishness of man. After journaling this I read in my devotional about God’s Spirit which was His Gift to us when we accept Christ Jesus into our hearts. Of course I know this, but I was overwhelmed momentarily by the intimacy of this from God to us–to me.

God’s Gift of His Holy Spirit is nothing but intimacy in action. This is the essence of my understanding the part about me “being” a child of God. I’ve spent my life “doing” what I’d hope would earn me this reward. God has been tenderly and patiently waiting for me to awaken to His Intimate Love already given and within me. The truth that I can “be” a child of God is already present because I am one already. God’s Holy Spirit is transforming me more and more into this. This is not selfish–it is the reality of awakening to the truth of God’s Holy Spirit working within me and I surrendering and obeying Him. I could never earn this by my efforts, but I can “be” this because I already “am” this child of God. Oh my word! What an awakening this is!

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