Every few months I rewrite my prayer list so it stays current with the ones I’m praying for and remove the ones no longer needing it. I did this just a few minutes ago. The unexpected thing that makes me rejoice within and puts a smile on my face is “New Creation”. For the past three years (since April, 2016) I’ve rewritten this prayer list eight times. Each time I’ve placed New Creation at the top of it to remind myself that I am a new creation because of God’s Amazing Grace and what Jesus Christ has done for me and that The Holy Spirit lives within me remaking me into this new creation.

I write all of this because this morning as I began to rewrite my prayer list I recognized that instead of needing to write New Creation as a reminder, I wrote it as a statement of fact. It isn’t a hope–it is a reality! Today I know this and I simply rejoice within because of it. I will be 70 years old in less than a year, but it has been worth every moment of every day in them to finally get to this reality–Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

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