Yesterday turned out to be a gift in many ways. I didn’t need to go to any sites, so I was able to have lunch with one of our pastors. This was a gift. We talked about several items which then led to me being able to have time talking through a couple of tough spots with another pastor. All of this is related to our ministry work and some of the issues within. As I was driving home I had a call from another individual who is directly involved in the ministry and we were able to talk deeply about next steps. I didn’t know at the start of yesterday how much God would be using the day to clear the path for our next steps, but that’s exactly what He did. How much I love Him and love how He works.

Today as I was reading my Bible in Jeremiah, he is telling the Israelites about their doom of being overtaken by the Babylonians. In it Joyce Meyers writes an insert where she states how important it is to pray for God’s Will in others lives, but then let the others and God work it out. We are not to try and get others to do things our way, this only interferes with them working their lives out with God. This is true of our children, grandchildren, friends, co-workers, relatives, etc. We may have influence, but our influence is to be in response to God’s nudging. When we take that step we are done. We need to let God and the other/s do their part without our intrusion. I needed this reminder regarding the things in the present ministry items. God is always GOOD!

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