I am reading Jeremiah presently in my bible reading. As I’m involved in the dialogue of this book I find myself wondering how the people in those times could be so blatantly blind to God’s leading? Here they have a prophet telling them exactly what God wants them to know about consequences and yet they deny the message and then suffer the exact consequences they were told they would. What was wrong with those people? Of course, as soon as I think this, I am quickly reminded of us today. Here we have all the evidence of the entire Bible right in front of us. Do our behaviors reflect anything differently than those of the bible times? I don’t think so. The flesh of man is so selfish and weak–then and today.

My devotional today challenged me to take a look at those around me who are weak in their ability to follow God’s lead in their lives. Not all of us are strong in this arena. In fact, I know that even though we may appear strong to someone else, each of us have our own personal areas of struggle. I told about one of mine just yesterday. Anyway, I’m going to reflect on this challenge to see just where God is pointing me. I’ve already been nudged and I’ll see how this develops as this day continues.

Thank goodness God is stable and secure. He is as solid as the evidence states in the Bible. And, He loves us and cares for us in spite of man’s continued disobedience. He even sent us a Savior to redeem our sinfulness. How lucky can we be!

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