Today I awoke with my head feeling like it’s the size of a basketball. You know that stuffy, cold feeling? Well, I have it. As much as I tried to dissuade it, it won. On the positive side, my day yesterday was such a great one in many ways. I don’t often have the opportunity to spend ample time with my kids. I had arranged for my oldest daughter and I to have breakfast together. We ended up spending three hours in the restaurant. It was a tremendously wonderful conversation where we talked through so many needed items. We both walked away from it feeling blessed.

I never know from one day to the next what God has in store for it. I, like most, have my plan thinking it is the one God has for me. But, in cases like yesterday, only God can orchestrate the timing. He just wants us to be ready to listen, respond as He nudges and give Him the Glory. I am doing this now. To God be the Glory for Great Things He Hath Done!

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