Yesterday I got up at 5 am to start my devotions so I could head to the school district for the day. In less than 5 minutes I knew I wouldn’t be going to any school and shouldn’t. I would expose to a host of people whatever I have. So, I went back to bed and didn’t get up again until about 9. I hadn’t slept like that for a very long time. Today is better, but not 100%. I have a short mtg to attend closer to noon and then the restoration class tonight. It allows me to still have one more day to take it easy.

With a stuffed up head I asked Jesus this morning if He had anything for me to know from Him? I was thinking with the way I feel He’d tell me to go sit in my recliner. Instead, He assured me I am loved. He said that the work I do doesn’t determine my value to Him or others. It can be rescheduled and then done. I wasn’t expecting this message. I may have a better handle on being a new creation, but the old habits (character defects) of “work=value” are not easy to break. I am very grateful I stayed home yesterday and that I have most of today to be home too. God really is a caring, loving Father.

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