Probably most of us, if not all of us, have prayed at some time in their life for Jesus to do whatever it takes to bring a situation to Him. I remember well my grandma saying this is how she would pray and I knew it because she was just that kind of a lady. Her confidence in God seemed always without question. However, I also remember my parents saying to be careful about praying this way for God takes our prayers seriously. We may not be ready for God to take the steps this prayer would divulge.

I write this because I use to pray much more cautiously than I do today. Primarily, because I didn’t know how to trust God like I do today. My relationship with God has grown tremendously in the recent years. God has no selfish motive in mind in all He does with mankind. His only purpose is to bring man back to Himself.

I have recently been praying this prayer regarding a situation. Last night I was made aware of some circumstances which, for a moment, I wanted to question God about. This morning I was reminded that God uses all things to His honor and glory. My role is to trust and obey. So, for today, that is exactly what I will be attempting to do. I pray The Holy Spirit will be free to be my wisdom and provide words when they are needed and the listening ear when it is needed. God is Faithful and He asks us to have faith in Him. This is will do.

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