I just reread yesterday’s post and saw the last sentence?? I don’t think I was editing very well as it was posted.

Tonight I get to teach our Celebrate Recovery lesson entitled “Turn”. The acrostic stands for: Trust, Understand, Repent, New life. In the 11 years of this ministry I’ve taught this lesson I think 3 times. Each time my focus in my mind has always been my turning from my past. Even though the last letter stands for New Life, my focus was on what I was needing to do. Much more recently God has been helping me see more about what I am turning to when I quit focusing on what I have turned from.

The step of turning recognizes our need to quit denying what is in our past and to begin seeing it clearly. At first all I had seen was my abuse I needed to keep a secret. Then when that was finally admitted I began to see all of my “character flaws”. Well, now I needed to keep them a secret I thought. Little by little God has chipped away on all of this with me. It isn’t that I haven’t taken a look at what I am turning to, but that was not where I had my focus most of the time.

Do you know what that “New Life” is in real life? It is the New Creation Christ promises us when we give our lives to Him! The 3rd step of TURN is repent and then we receive the 4th letter–NEW LIFE. I repented to Jesus when I was 10 or 11 years old so that is 58 or 59 years ago. Look how long it has taken me to do the first letter–Trust. God has wanted me to recognize Him for Who He Is–God. He is not “earthly” in any way as my earthly father or earthly brother were. He is God Almighty and God All Loving. As I have more fully UNDERSTOOD this (second step) I have been able to see the last step.

As I step into teaching tonight’s lesson I do so with a brand new lesson to teach with a brand new life behind the lesson. I look forward to sharing this with our group and letting this lesson help others as God has used it to help me.

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