Today I finished the writings of Jeremiah. He not only wrote the book named after him, but the one which follows, Lamentations. It is just what the name expresses–mournfulness. I wrote yesterday about teaching the lesson last night for Celebrate Recovery which is TURN. This message of TURN is one God has been teaching His creation–man, since the beginning. Here we are today still needing to learn it. I can never learn it for anyone else and no one else can learn it for me. Every man of every generation has to learn this for himself.

Lamentations has a message in it which is the best reminder–it is the reminder of HOPE. No matter how bad life has been or what life has dealt you, we are never without the hope of Jesus Christ. Also, hope is a spiritual ingredient which cannot be removed from us no matter what man may do. It is intrinsically built into man’s nature by God’s own design. I haven’t had the plague of abuse which I endured in my childhood since that time in my life. However, each of us has to endure the realities of living life one day at a time. And, at times, life’s realities are not pleasant. We can focus on them and fall into the pit of them, OR we have the choice of HOPE. Hope allows us to focus on the promise of Lamentations 3:21–“But this I recall and therefore have I hope and expectation.”

I have loved being reminded that every day we have the choice to see what is before us and not what has been behind us. I also love the fact that it is in my spirit I have this hope and not in my flesh. Man can only temporarily interrupt my hope. It cannot be taken away from me for God made it a permanent part of His creation in me. This is true for each one of us–Praise the Lord!

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