“…Joy comes in the morning.” Psalms 30:5. This is what Jesus had me recall this morning as I journaled and asked Him what He wanted me to know for today? I hadn’t gotten very far into my scripture reading when I received a text about a troubled situation. We quickly responded to one another a couple times and then the message came, “I love you dad.” Well, this brought joy to my morning. I sent back the quote from Psalms used above. I then received a heart in response.

The flesh of man is always looking for happiness and fun while our spirit is wired for joy, peace, contentment. In our flesh we often think they are the same. However, when our flesh is in crisis God reminds us that in our spirit we can still have this JOY. I love so much that God is always with me. But, I love even more that through His Word, through our spirit, and through The Holy Spirit He speaks, and this for me is most often “in the morning”.

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