The journey does continue today. It is always a little odd returning to a schedule following a week away from it. I need to get back into the routine so I feel settled. It is funny to have lived so long and yet still step into the routines of the day with the sense of insecurity. This morning I surrendered it instead of squelching it until I get to the school and find it is just a “feeling”.

The message of yesterday’s entry–standing in the gap–stays with me and it did throughout yesterday. The literal truth of this is like spiritual concrete. Jesus Christ has done this for me and He has done this for each one of us who have surrendered our lives to Him. Jesus asks us to do this for those He places in our path and puts on our hearts through His Holy Spirit. My real point of awakening which is personal for me, is to use a time of temptation as a spiritual reminder to pray for someone else’s struggle. When temptation hits me I usually have a sense of panic–“oh no, it’s back”! However, using the time to focus in on someone else’s need gives spiritual purpose to Satan’s attack.

My devotional this morning was written to remind us that God is our Abba Father–daddy. He is intimate and fully respectful. I am able to see this so much more clearly now knowing in my heart and mind that God is God and dad was dad. Dad did the best he could and I no longer relate characteristics of him to Abba Father. Our Heavenly Father will be with us for eternity! Wow!

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