Jesus is such a wonderful Savior–yes He is! The reality of Christ’s coming and the faith we are to have to accept Him as Savior and King–Lord of our lives is no small thing. Our pastor is setting the stage for this through the month of December with his sermons. He began last Sunday describing in detail the power of the Roman Empire which enslaved Israel at the time of Christ’s birth. Here this new born baby was being declared the coming Messiah. We know all about his lowly birth, his parents, the stable, yet the Israelites were expecting a ruler who would conquer this Roman Empire. Israel would become a world power as it had been so long before. Yet, God was showing them a spiritual parallel which must be accepted on faith in God rather than on faith in man. It is so easy to see this clearly 2000 years later, but I don’t know if I’d been any different during their times.

This journey I’m on, each of us are on, is one that brings us right smack to the throne of heaven–a manager in a lowly stable. Do I call Him King? Will I take all of this by faith and believe as though it were as solid as a rock wall? Of course I say yes to all of this, yet it is in my day to day actions that tell the truth of my beliefs. God is making Himself and His purposes so much clearer in my journey with Him. In so doing I find myself so humbled knowing the ways of man are so futile compared to His. To think this all starts with the faith of a mustard seed. I’ve tried to hard to earn it when all along it was a gift, and it still is the same gift. Even in my later years of life I pray for me to be fertile ground for this seed of faith to be solidly rooted in the power of this Christ child. He is my King, my Savior, my Lord and He even calls me friend. Wow, what a Savior He is!

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