This is rehearsal week for the upcoming Christmas musical/drama our church does this weekend 3 different times. Every day I’m working and every night I’m at church and then the weekend is no less packed. It is so easy to take my eyes off of the purpose of all this activity and simply have them on all the details I fear won’t be together. In the years past as we get to this week I swear I won’t do this again in the coming year. This year God has already taught me a powerful lesson. These times are all about Him. Man has this innate desire to make things about himself and Satan does his best to ensure man has his eyes of self. I am no different for I am man. Now that God has me better rooted in the truth that I am a new creation I have a much more grounded faith that I don’t need to worry about these details. They come together perfectly. I truly love watching this happen this year. Instead of wishing all of this were over, I keep watching how God is using each step of the preparation as another time to trust Him. What an amazing God we serve.

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