I touched yesterday on this week. Tonight is the last dress rehearsal. The orchestra, sound dept. with their lighting, computer part and all is coming together with precision. The passion of the acting is likewise very evident. I have never been at this point in a program like this where I feel uptight with anticipation instead of anxiety and dread. The fear of failure isn’t present as it always has been. My high school music teacher use to tell me that when the time came for me to sing I could count on God. His power is present when the need is actually present. I’ve never forgotten this and I’ve seen it to be true time after time. Yet, in the back of my mind I’ve always had that “what if” thought and fear. This year it is simply gone. It is amazing to me to be as old as I am and finding that we are never to old to discover life as a “new creation”. The finding of the new creation isn’t like opening a package and now I have it. For me it has been more like discovering a different person walking into each day. The day has similar things to face and do but the one walking into it has a confidence which he hasn’t known. The confidence isn’t about what I know I can do. It is entirely about trusting the One who walks with you to give you His Power/Wisdom/Strength as you need it. I never realized how much my living of each day was about me rather than about the one I’ve desired to serve. Wow, God is truly AMAZING!

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