Have you ever had a gift given to you which you were grateful to receive and then used only as you knew to use it? A time later you were given all kinds of insights into the other things this gift could do and you wondered why you didn’t know this sooner? A smart phone is a good example. If I use it only as a handheld phone replacing the dial phone, I am truly limiting its usefulness to me. When I first started using a smart phone I had a friend who began to show me the many ways it could benefit me. I didn’t trust it at first to be my calendar, but when I finally began to try it, it not only had my calendar but it gave me reminders for the things I want/need to do. This is just one small example.

This morning in my devotions I’m reading Ezekiel and came again across the verses, Ezekiel 36:26-27. In these verses God promises us a new heart. This heart replaces our heart of stone with a heart of flesh. I’ve written about this in my book and different times in this daily blog. This morning I realize this heart of flesh is the Gift of The Holy Spirit God gives us when we accept Christ into our lives. I’m also awakening to the immense amount of limiting I’ve placed on The Holy Spirit when I don’t seek the help to understand His purposes within me. Just like the smart phone, He can and will do so much more if I only take the time to better understand Him. I am learning that not only can I trust Him, I truly want to trust Him. Joyce Meyers writes: “Our job is to believe, and God’s job is to perform. If we were called to achieve we would be called ‘achievers’, not ‘believers’.

Living the life of a new creation who has a new heart is an amazing opportunity to relearn how to live. To think it is all about believing rather than doing. This is amazing!

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