Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful day. The school district meeting I had in the morning was very productive. Then my brothers and spouses were here for lunch and the afternoon. Following this they all came to our church Christmas production. I didn’t get to see them following the program but Kathy told me they were touched by it. Today there is another one in the afternoon. My grandson and girlfriend are coming and hopefully my two local daughters and kids will also come. I do love how God uses these times to bring us together.

This morning’s Bible reading in Ezekiel speaks of God bringing life to dead bones. It is the 37th chapter. I love what Joyce Meyer says about this. She writes that so often we give up on situations in our family, situations with our relationships, situations of hope at work, etc. We think nothing can or will change. When we do this we are looking at man and responding to it as man. God is asking us to see “these dry bones” through Him. It is God Almighty Who originally created each of us. It is this same God Who can and will restore life to what seems dead. Our prayers and beliefs need to hang onto these truths and proclaim them as the truth.

I have my own times of doubting where I succumb to my flesh in my beliefs about life. We all have these moments. However, lets not stay there. It is in these moments we give fuel to Satan’s lies unintentionally. I want to be a genuine believer in this Magnificent God we get to serve. He is the One Who can and will give new life to areas we call “dead”. Praise God and thank you God!

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