Today my little sis turns 66. She is the baby of our family, #12. That really tells you that this generation of Lewis’ is getting closer to our days of extinction!

My bible reading in Ezekiel is sobering. The present reading goes deeply into our world’s state as we near Christ’s second coming. As I was reading it this morning I was also googling about Gog and Magog which has always been somewhat mysterious. The information I found makes this clearer. I don’t in anyway pretend to be a prophet, but it isn’t too difficult to see that the present state of Israel with its neighboring countries is nearing the descriptions written about in Ezekiel 38, 39 and continuing into 40.

As I was entering into my prayer time and I took my prayer list, I saw once again–New Creation. I have kept this written at the top of my prayer list reminding me of this truth. Today as I read it I felt God nudging me to a greater awareness of its meaning. When we become a new creation accepting Jesus as our Savior and Lord, we receive the Holy Spirit. This new Spirit we receive begins to work remaking our thinking, our focus in life. What I believe He was pointing out for me this morning was that the new life gives me freedom from the bondage I carried from my past. Once that bondage was no longer carried I am free to live in freedom–the fear of how I live (perform) is gone.

Living in freedom allows me (us) to not need to be self-protective. In other words, I don’t need to worry about so many little things. I can focus entirely on God’s purposes and trust Him as I enter into them. It seems small to write this next statement, but it’s true. When I use to sing as I will again this morning, I worried if I did it good enough, if I was pleasing to God, if I got God’s message across the way He wanted, if man was paying attention to the message, etc. Now, I have found this weekend to be much freer of this worry. I find myself enjoying the opportunity to do this. I always felt like these types of feelings would be selfish, when instead, I’m no longer focused on me, but I’m focused on God’s delivery whatever it is to be. I don’t know if this makes sense, but it is an awakening I’ve needed all of my life. The bondage is truly leaving. Praise God.

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