My awakening to this new year came as a surprise. New Year’s eve settled in with a rumbly tumbly–as Winnie the Pooh use to say about her need for honey. My need was to hit the bathroom. This need didn’t subside until yesterday afternoon. This bug was going through our family during Christmas week when we were all together and I succumbed to it too. I told one of my kids that I didn’t want them to suffer alone! All is quiet and settled today but I sure don’t feel like eating anything too hearty.

With all of that said, I still want to hit on this new year for a moment. This new decade is truly the one of freedom. It is the first one I’ve been totally aware of the bondage of my past and also the freedom for my future. I recognize my sins as mine and the sins of others as theirs. I also am learning that there is no rank order to sin in God’s eyes. He hates it all because sin is the epitome of man’s selfishness–“I will do it my way in spite of all I know”. I’ve also learned that relationships are the premiere desire of God. The relationship with Him, His Son Jesus and The Gift of the Holy Spirit are the greatest ones of all. However, along with these, He wants us to have respectful, thoughtful, forgiving relationships with one another. Just as He forgives, He wants us to do the same. He doesn’t say when, but that we need to do it. He also gives us the assurance that He will help us to forgive.

I write all of this because these have been tremendously huge lessons for me and ones I can vouch for. My resolution for this year is one. It is to walk wholeheartedly for God. Living one day at a time and one moment at a time always striving to keep my walk in surrender and obedience to His daily and momentary nudges.

I love our God! I thank Him with all my heart for his patient endurance no matter what we face. Happy New Year–a day late!

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