As I was journaling this morning to start my devotional time I was writing about the “sticky” issues of this morning’s meeting with one of the school superintendents I work with. This person and I are meeting with a couple other folks to unite the work for all of us. There have been enough issues along the way that the superintendent and I called this meeting. Yes, I am concerned about it wanting us to get to the heart of the problem and not just talk about issues. We need to talk about the root of the issues. As I was writing this I was given the thought that we need to take what is “sticky” and use it as a glue to bind us together as a team. Don’t let the sticky cause avoidance, but to use it as glue. In other words, the more we feel stuck, the more we need to come together rather than to avoid. Today will be the start of this binding together. I know God will be present and I pray He will be in the lead by our own personal surrender to His Ways rather than man’s.

Secondly, today seems to be the day when God wants me to address the issue within our restoration classes. The light seems to be green for me to make the call today. Once again I know that God being the one nudging will also be the One to provide the spirit of clarity and the Light which He wants to have shining forth. I do trust Him fully in this. Yes, once again I’m concerned but I have surrendered the outcome and the entire situation to Him.

I said a day or two ago that this week has been a fire hose of “stuff” as I have reentered into the work I do. However, starting the day with surrender and obedience reminds me to prepare myself. To see God as the God Almighty He is in each of today’s situations makes me want to step into them rather than fear it. I love seeing God at work and it is humbling as well as rewarding to be part of it.

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