I have been quite lucky in my life. I have had very few physical ailments and my health has always been rated very good. For the past month I’ve been dealing with a pain that runs from my hip to the lower calf in my left leg. I was told it was my sciatic nerve and I should see a chiropractor. I did this yesterday. He did an analysis and did a few treatments for alignment purposes, told me to ice 4 times a day and do a particular exercise. He also said it would take about a month for this to subside. In the midst of this I’ve discovered something that Celebrate Recovery has taught me. “We go for help when the pain becomes greater than the fear. “

I’ve always said I’d never let someone touch me. I had all these fears of it leading to more “being taken advantage of”. I just felt too vulnerable. However, this pain superseded any fear and besides, the fear has greatly diminished in the last couple of years. I lived with a great deal of emotional pain most of my life which kept fear right in front of my association with people, but I’m not use to dealing with physical pain, other than sore muscles when spring hits and the yard and garden work begins. I’ve always called that my getting back into shape. I sort of enjoy that soreness.

I write this today because I’ve realized that pain, whether physical or emotional, needs to be brought out into the open so we get help for it. Hiding it only worsens the problem. I don’t want my manly pride standing in the way of healing!

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