The pain I spoke of yesterday was just as intense as before the chiropractor appointment so I made an appointment with a friend who is a massage therapist. Kathy goes to both all the time and has for years. She had me come around noon time and this took away all of the pain for about 5 hours. It is back this morning. I am lost to know if this is just something to endure for a time or what? It is a new experience for me dealing with physical pain like this. Because it always starts when I get up and begin my journaling, today I “tried to thank Jesus for it” as it sure heightens my need for a healing touch!

Today’s scripture reading in Matthew 25:14&15 tells the story of Jesus talking to his followers regarding the use of our talents. It came at a nice time for me. Yesterday I had an email from a retired teacher who calls herself my “older sis”. She is well into her 80’s and I do like her a lot. Her email however was troubling. She had found out that I am still working with school districts at a rather “full-time basis” so in her email she asks if I am trying to simply keep busy or to put more money in my pocket? I thought of a all people she should know I enjoy being busy but I’ve never done anything just to put money in my pocket. I wrote back that I do enjoy being busy but I enjoy most completing what God puts in front of me. I have wrestled with doing secular school consulting when it isn’t labeled “ministry”. However, God made it very clear to me that words like ministry & secular are man’s terms. What He asks us to do He calls Kingdom Work.

I do enjoy greatly the consulting work I do and I know the day will come when I will stop. Until the time God closes this door I’m going to work on surrendering and obeying to His leadership in my life. I will say that the question does make me think that to some I must look selfish? I’ll have to wrestle with this a while. Today will be a good day regardless!

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