Yesterday I talked to my prayer warrior. It had been a month or more since we’d last talked. In fact, I’m going to her home this afternoon as she has some material for me to listen to and to read. All of the details of the incident a few weeks back regarding the marriage of a man in the Tuesday night group I shared with her. I know she will pray diligently about this. Also, I know God will give her insights for me. She had been ill for a few weeks so I hadn’t wanted to burden her. Now that we’ve talked I wish I would have just told her anyway. God uses her mightily.

This morning I get to witness one of our Celebrate Recovery men be baptized. He has come a long way in his journey. He is finding freedom he didn’t think was possible. His marriage is the best it has ever been. It is so fun to witness a life finding God’s freedom!

The physical pain–well it is really here this am. I keep having to leave this writing to walk around. I hope to find the answer to it soon! God is so good and I want to worship Him well today.

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