the journey continues: feb. 1, 2020

Yesterday turned out to be one of those days where many loose ends were tied up. I am always thankful for those kind of days. The phone call I wanted to make turned out to be a rich blessing. The individual said it made his day and likewise did mine. In the afternoon I attended a funeral service for a neighboring farm family I grew up with. This mom was 100 years old and the service was such an excellent tribute to her life of obedience to God. I also got to see more than a dozen old classmates which was really fun.

God has been working with me about why I am doing what I am doing. Superficially, I think most of what I do I do for Christ. He has made it clear that the work of schools is from Him as well as the ministry work at church. Yet, when I get questioned as I did yesterday about “why I do what I do” I clam up. When people my age see that you are still doing what they call “work” they think I am doing it for additional income. Rarely does it come to mind when I am asked these questions that I am doing it because I love it and because God has confirmed He wants me where I am. I know I am human and my emotional response to these questions almost freezes me up. I feel selfish at the moment as though I am hungry for material things. This has never been the case but I suppose to man it looks that way.

As I reflect on a couple conversations of yesterday I’ll continue to leave all of this in God’s hands. I truly want only to please Him and obey His leadership in my life.

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