Yesterday was a relaxing yet full day. I went to a men’s breakfast at church which had a speaker who one would think had been through Celebrate Recovery, yet he hadn’t been talked to about the fact we have one. He does now because one of our leaders talked to him afterwards. In the afternoon we went to an open house for a man and wife who were part of CR for a few years. He contracted a rare disease which attacks the body similarly to cancer. Within 6 months he had gone from running marathons to being wheelchair bound. He has gone through a stem-cell transplant and much chemo and is actually gaining some ground now. What was amazing was meeting his parents. I knew he’d graduated from Adrian, OR where I had and I mentioned this to his mom. She asked my name and then told me hers. We were one year apart in high school ourselves. It was an amazing discovery.

I love how God works and I love being involved in God’s Kingdom work. He is such a loving Father!

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