Yesterday morning during the 2nd worship hour at our church I led a new step study for men. This is a class taking the 24 lessons of Celebrate Recovery and puts them into 4 booklets which are the meat and potatoes of this ministry. In the class one is confronted with all the hurts, hang-ups and any habits one faces. He is challenged to step out of the denial they exist and have bondage over him. There were 7 men who came for this first class. It was the first time I’ve led a class where two of the men were present to face hurts rather than habits.

I have found over the years that men especially will face a habit (addiction), but when it comes to facing a hurt, they stuff that away because we have to be stronger than that or else we’re just a baby, sissy, etc. We men will eventually get to hurts, but it usually takes a few years of Celebrate Recovery’s journey to get us to open up about them. So, when two men showed up for the class and this was stated as their reason, I felt like we’d jumped a major hurdle. It took me several years of Celebrate Recovery to finally get to the root of the hurts which dominated a habit. I’m so proud of men who come with the hurt at the top of their list. God is working! This is a journey I look forward to being part of in these next several months.

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