Learning to lean into God’s Strength through faith in Him is something He is pressing into my reality of late. It is so easy for us to hear the problems of others and quickly give advice which comes from us. It is such a natural instinct to do this. However, of late, God has been wanting me to realize how this is of man and not of Him. Responding to our instincts may be OK, but people need to know the response is from our initial thinking rather than from God’s Wisdom. God’s Wisdom comes from His Word and from His Spirit within. He wants us leaning into His Spirit’s voice and trusting as we do.

In my devotions this morning I am challenged to take the weight of each hurt, hang-up, habit brought to the table Sunday morning in class and in faith, give it to God trusting that His Will is the Power greater than any of these issues. I in no way want to hinder God’s Power by my own limitations and pride. I want only to be a torch carrier of God’s Light, Wisdom and Power so others see Him and can begin to trust Him with the bondage for which they came. How I love this Father of ours!

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