Today’s physical journey has me going to my typical Monday school district and then later this afternoon I go to Eastern Idaho for 3 days to work with another district there. This work is something I’ve done since I “retired” almost 13 years ago. However, I’m thinking this will be my last year to do it. It pulls me away from the work I do with local districts and it doesn’t have the same impact one would want. I do sense God’s leading in this decision. I have one other district to do in Northern Idaho and that will be the last. Somehow it seems right to stay closer to home with the districts here.

Yesterday was a busy day, but it was one filled with God’s blessings. The highlight for me was the quartet’s singing for the two widows. Both of these ladies have played important roles in my life’s journey. The one had been my secretary for many years in my younger days. She taught me much about being a servant-leader. The other is my prayer warrior of today. She has taught me how to live and believe as a new creation which is one of God’s promises to those who believe in His Son, Jesus Christ. My heart still this morning feels so grateful for the honor of giving them a blessing in song and prayer.

This morning God is reminding me to look only to Him and not to myself as I step into today. No other gods before me–only The One True God!

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